Yes "Indeed"

by Tim's Here

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I've made this album exactly with the same setting than the first one;
Every instrument, lyrics are made by me
Everything is taped rough (about 30 mins by instruments)
The tunes are rough takes, everything has been written and taped in about 10 hours each.

I hope you enjoy, I'll probably taped it professionally someday... only someday.

Instruments heard:
Cello (only in The Myth)


released May 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Tim's Here Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: The Sleeping Beast
No offense, Watch your step
Look out for the man who slept
Over the secret you own
And those lies you keep for yourself
You can't save yourself for being so upset
Until the time you hear the ringing bell

I know pretty much what you like
I don't know much why it taste so bad
Keep it away from yourself
Don't take the risk to Wake him yet
Run away, and Watch out for the net

Come on, show your smile
Stop sleeping over twenty thousand miles
It was a long trip
You should understand what it means
Have you read what lies at your feet
Did you realize that is what you need?

Show him some respect little boy
Once he wakes up
Only death can be at your door
And once again there's nothing more to understand
Than trying hard to get away from Hell

Watch out don't make him smile
Watch out stop sleep over miles
Look out don't fall on your back
Look out to not raise the smile

Over-reacting is a state of mind
Can't expect anything good
If it don't comes with a candy bar
So what's the prize? What's the bonus
For going so far, far from town

Over-reacting is a state of mind
Going nowhere happy to found it dead
So blind that you can't see the fact
Everything's now so fantastic
Even when waking the sleeping beast
Track Name: The Curse On The Mountain
There was once a king on the mountain
Leading his kingdom to his death
And there was this girl named Helene
She decided to go outside for help

Her task isn't a simple one
As she care for eveyone
The king became aware of her existence
He sent his men to stop her
Helene's friend tried to stop them
They asked her to leave the mountain this instant
Going beyond to ask for help
To seek anyone who'd like to help

Damn you king!
Raising taxes!
Makes us work to hard!
I can't raise my children
And make them proud to be from the mountain!

She ain't the kind to let go
She ain't the kind to look back
Raising her sword, walking far east
To raise her own army
She went cities by cities
Recruiting men from thousand countries
No no no the king of the mountain
Has to be taken down

It was the great war on the mountain
For years killing thousand men
Meanwhile the king in his rage
Passed away due to his age

The great war on the mountain
Is now over
Helene's now the queen on the mountain
But as she borne royalty and power
Little by little the curse of greed
Took over her

There is now a queen on the mountain
Leading his kingdom to his death
And that queen once named Helene
Has been taken by the curse of the mountain
Track Name: Strange Message To A Friend
How's the time
Going through my heart
Expressions of any kind
Can't reach my art
Stray wolves on the way
They know enough to stay away
Lost like a falling sun
Trying to keep on the run

How's the time
Time to spend a dime
Once you Knock the door
Grey stuff's no trouble son
Read the news of modern time
Those shits can't hold your line
Read the news another time
Try to keep holding line

Challenge yourself turn yourself on
Challenge yourself and keep it on
Try not to get it lost
Congratulation you won
Track Name: Robbery!
You Wake up 7 AM
What you gonna do
What you gonna do?
You Wake up blaming yourself
"Nothing's happening in my life"
So what you gonna do?
You're cats no fun enough
Your friends all gone
Blaming yourself for who you are
Blaming themselves for who they are
At that moment a shinny bulb lite in your head
At that moment you know exactly where you'll head

It doesn't matter where you go
Everything's all fine
You can proceed to the robbery
What do you want to steal
Why do you want to steal
Overthinking's a bad idea
Thousand times you've missed the time
Time to go for it, time to take the risk
That store is just all fine
Heart fast beat, no one's watching
Your hand on the thing you want to steal
Run fast if you want to still free

It's over
In jail you are now
For years on dirty walls you'll write for yourself

You don't have any friend
Do you understand?
B'cause you don't have any friend
Doesn't mean that I don't care
Track Name: Still On The Sea
What do you mean
Do you want a cup of tea
If you know what I mean
But we still on the sea

See how long it takes to go
Whatever I say you say now
Oh look it goes to waste
That's how you'll make my day

We don't have much time
To take a sight
All we do is fight
If you don't mind

Look now where we are
Still on the sea you didn't want to be
This thing that can't set you free

Monster's from your dreams
For them they still real
Don't make such a scene

It's not like a movie scene
Mary hasn't understand yet
The only thing to do is to take the net
Catching this fish you haven't take yet

Take your time as long we still on the sea
Track Name: The Myth
You need to calm my friend
This is not goint to end
As long as you think of it
It'll just stregthen the myth
Even when skies fall
Look back, don't crawl
Don't forget to close the doors
Make sure to lock the doors

Since your youth you imagine things
All the things from your mind coming alive
Running all along to save their souls
Great birds in skies falling in the holes
They tried once to heal you
Seing you turned fool
Playing with your mind
Playing with your kind

And then at last you escaped
It doesn't matter you look sane
Those mirages you see makes you feel good

Does that count
Does that count?
Different you are
As you are
Shadows of society
Makes you feel heavy
Break the window
Free your soul

Fallen beast deep within
Try not to keep it in
Try once to free it
Try twice to kill it
Maybe people aside don't see it
But you always forgot your insanity
Monsters of future in your mind
Monsters of past deep your mind
Again you need to calm
Keep in mind you're not alone
Knots are no solution
For those fighting for their roles

What you need to risk
Can't be found on disk
What you can't miss
Can be found in mist
Thanks for the tips
Maybe that's a twist
This is just a myth
This is just the myth

Shadows of society
Makes you feel heavy
Break the window
And free your soul
Track Name: The Death Of A Salesman
What is there to risk
Did you miss a thing?
Wasn't it the life
You always wanted to live?
Standing up all day
Selling stuff all day
While your wife is probably
Cheating on you with Billy
Customers so hopeless
They're so helpless
You can't deal with them
Even with your best item
Planes in the sky
Seems to you they go so far
You can't exprect the thing
Even that damn guy who sing

So he just came in
He has a gun in his jeans
Hanging it out he says
"Give me your money stupid!"
But why by all sake
You decide to face to face?
What are you thinking Jack
Don't you see it's a trap?
You don't care
Looking him through his eyes
You know exactly why
This is a junky guy
Taking his gun from him
Is a bad idea
You'll get killed isn't that
Exactly what you need?

It's too late he shot you in the face
As you fall on the ground
You see you wife and you kids laughing
What an horrible sound
Oh dear, you look great in that green suit
Does it fit to your kind
Hey Mary, qu'en dis tu de ça?

Again it's too late he shot you in the face
You don't have to feel bad
The police will leave no trace
Their laughs makes horrible sounds
Why so far, why so green?
Dear, does it fit to your kind
Please Mary répète après moi

Does it fit to your kind
The death of a salesman
Is not a trick from my mind
Killing yourself at work
Doesn't make you feel bad

Anytime You seek it
You just feel sad

Anytime you sing it it
It makes you mad