"I'll throw the Money to the Sun"

by Tim's Here

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Once again, same rules: every songs are made within 10 hours, including writing and recording.

And once again, those are drafts songs, as they are recorded very fast, some passages are a little hard to the ear.

Thanks again for listening, I do this for fun and for my personal musical developpement.


released August 23, 2015


tags: rock Montreal


all rights reserved


Tim's Here Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Icare Should Understand
It's already so hard to be human
When you look down to this world
You see things that ain't burnt
Is that how you've turned?

Give me a second chance
So I can find my verse
Burning in the Sun
How could I be wrong?

Today's the time to work
Work on yourself to find out
How it's done with your life
You're building like an ant (building to far)
Building something coming from the outside
Destroy everything coming from the inside
Could it be, could it be?
That you went to far

Could it be, could be
I did everything wrong?
Reading books isn't enough
To travel in my house
I live too far

Hello Sis, why don't you give a kiss
To the old man wearing the cloth of mist
Otherwise, once again we should run away (run away)
Hold my hand so we'll run to those lands
Far away

As you open the door
Your wings burning to the core
You remember you own things to this place
And the only way to start it over is keep trying
To work like you do every day
Keep away that sad face
Continue like if nothing happened
Way to go, as the mountain grow

It's already so hard to be human
When you look down to this world
You see things that ain't burnt
Is that how you've turned?

Give me a second chance
So I can find my verse
Burning in the Sun
How Could I be wrong?
Track Name: Talking Cat
Hey man what's up (what's up)
Hey man what's up (what's up)
Turn off the radio
This is a good to go
You see me in a while
You saw me break and hide
Stop to look at me I'm fat
Don't tease me
That is just a disguise

Someday, today, sunday, okay
I'll be up in the corner
Waiting for the moment
I'll scratch your face

Doors open (open)
Outside world
Could be mine
Jumping straight outside
Who's waiting for the call
Strange scent
Can be smell in the air
Rocking by any mean
As I walk the streets

Look at me, look at me
Could you please listen to me
There's nothing wrong being me
So please, look at me
Lifes before it meant nothing to me
But as you read
You realize I'm still talking of me

As low, as high
Look at me I'm talking cat
As you, as me
Straight in Hell
There is no risk

As low, as high
Look at me I'm talking cat

Now I'm flying to other side of this day
Track Name: Gurd No
It smells like peach
A walk completely high
You're completely my kind
Red roses on the beach

Potatoes in the air
And sweet carrot pie
I don't understand why
The birds running down

When your friends are completely high
Alone in your room mentally down
You regret not putting it in your mouth
I don't care show me where's the south

Rotten sounds are coming this way
Apples roots are making my day
Oh wait I forgot my keys in my car
Does it mean we'll have to wait for Carl

On your way to the rotten sound
You made a choice on the outbound
Watch out, look out, out of time
you are taking drugs to make it mine

On your way to take it back
You find old ennemies completely high
Find a voice to spell them back
Find a gun to hold them back

I'm back in town
Walking on my blue sky
It's so good to be back
Orange scents makes me wow

Of course it's sweet
I'm so glad to be back
Strawberries smiles me back
I still forgot my keys

Oh my!
Track Name: Frenetic Song
Crawling to the other side

Sides of my mind
Went blank for a while
I had to look
Far in the sky

Keep that gun on your side

Signs on my walls
Too stranges to look at
Fools on the radio
Roll on that

Agony will soon
Laugh at that
As I lay on the floor
Smelling at Mary's hat

Crawling to the other side
Track Name: People On The Bridge
In the middle of the bridge
They went insane
Not knowing when to stop
Fighting 'till the end

Nobody knows how Hell
They're still there
Days and days
Without eating or sleeping
Walking in the frames
Of a brand new city

My dad is one of them
Trying to feel the dance
While no one else can
Cause they don't give a damn

Mommy says to me
They're trying to break free
Blocking the bridge from their ennemies
As long as it take before they go

Freak, freak, freak

Dancing on the bridge
Drinking all week
Waiting for sympathy
We all know what it means
They don't need anything

After a year, still nothing
Immortals from a great scene
Still dancing, completely free

People are on the bridge
Meanwhile I'm still dreaming
Still Dreaming
Look at me

People are on the bridge
Live all your dreams
If you want
To break free
Track Name: One's Space
Going alone
In a strange dark place
Because I need time
To think again
Games that nobody
Still understand

I prefer being alone
Don't you, don't you
Don't you feel mad?

Up in the mountain
There's a big disgrace
Jumping on the floor
Trying to explain
Somewhere else
Is surely a better place

For me to start looking
For a better place

I'm running fast
Fast enough
To feel my hair
Break the door
Enough enough of everyone
Leave me alone

My story goes like this
Since my youth
Still nothing
Trying to make my way
Beside the magazines

I'm running wild
Wild enough
Please, please
Please understand
I don't know
If I had to explain
Just try to be more sensitive

Here I am
Trying to feel
Nothing can stop the breeze
As long as the windows still clean

Are you fast
Fast enough?
To be there on time
At least try it for a while

As I want, as I am
Going alone to strange places
Feel so right
Feel so right

Are you fast
Fast enough?
To be there on time
At least try it for a while

Accept the fact
People likes
To feel high
Track Name: The Queen's Still There
And then I want to scream
Behind me there's a great mighty Queen
Burning my back
As I walk in the stream

I don't remember my name
Neither who I am
Walking in the desert my hands covered with sand
So dry, so dry I'll maybe get used to it

Momento Mori
I'm not scared give me my pills
Momento Mori
There's no time for me to chill

The desert I will leave

In the town it's black and white
It's never what we've expected
Going right and left
In the train doing what's right

It's no use for me
I just don't understand
Modus Vivendi
Miss the joys you could've reach
Miss the time for me to teach

You a lesson, open you ears
We all live in the same thing
Call it how you want
I don't care
Let's dance since there's nothing left to do
Making dreams come true

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
I wish you goodbye.